Welcome to HelloBeauty!

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to HelloBeauty! I’m so excited to meet you all and get to know everyone who comments and follows this very new blog! I suppose I should start off by saying that my name is Kordell Song and I’m a beauty guru and reviewer who has worked in the cosmetic and skincare industry for a few years now! I’m really looking forward to giving honest reviews of all the newest products and the oldie but goodies. In this blog, we’ll be covering everything from skincare 101 to makeup tutorials and advice. I’ll also be also be recommending (or not recommending) products for all different types of skin and keeping you up to date on the latest trends and launches!

Expect HelloBeauty to have a new post twice a week for now and feel free to comment on posts and share your thoughts and opinions. I’d love to hear them! Also, don’t be shy to comment on what products you want me to try out and review next or topics you want to be covered. I’m always open to new suggestions as this blog can’t happen with you!

Thank you for giving this blog a chance while it’s in its infant stage! HelloBeauty’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will be up very soon!

See you around,

Kordell Song